Frequently asked questions about our races.

Please check this list of frequently asked questions before contact us about an upcoming race..

Where does the race start, and what time?

A full race schedule can be found on the event page, under Race Schedule.

Can you transfer numbers?

We do not allow allow transfers. But, refunds are availalble. See our Terms and Conditions.

Do you provide transport back to the start after I have finished the event?

On our point to point events we offer a transfer service (chargeable) from the finish to the start, prior to the event. So you have your own transport at the finish. Look under Travel/Accommodation section on the race website for details of how to book a coach as part of you entry. Ultimately getting to the start and finish of the events is your responsibility.

Are drop bags returnable?

No, drop bags are not returnable. So please don’t put anything in them that you are not willing to part with.

My event T-Shirt does not fit, can I exchange it or will you send me out another one?

No. We order the exact sizes in the quantities that the runners order and say they are, therefore if we exchange the top, we may be giving you the top of a runner that has ordered the correct size.

I can’t make it to the event, can I pick my event t-shirt up at your next event or will you post it out to me?

No. We do not keep a stock of the event t-shirts that are not collected, they are simply given away to charity and or disposed of. We will not post out t-shirts, as we simply do not have the time or inclination for such requests.

Does a Waterproof Jacket need to be waterproof, or will windproof be okay?

WATERPROOF, means WATERPROOF. Generally taped seams will dictate the garments waterproof ability.

Do I have to carry all the mandatory kit at all times?

YES. Unless specifically told by the event organiser otherwise, all kit must be carried at all times.

I didn’t stay for the prize giving, and have just realised I won a prize. Will you post it out to me?

No. We simply do not have the time to do so.

I’m worried I won’t make the cut off times, how strict are they?

Very strict. The cut off times are set as such to offer the runner the best opportunity to complete the event. They are also set with the volunteers at our events in mind, who are stood out and giving a lot of time to make sure the event goes ahead. We also have to abide by timings for use of land as dictated by the landowners.

The mandatory kit states a survival bag / blanket what’s this?

The foil blankets/bags you get at events such as the GNR. If in doubt ‘Google it’.

Nb. Survival Bag and Blanket are not the same, they are two different pieces of kit, so please ensure you have the correct one.

I’m coming to your event and would like some information on nearby accommodation, do you recommend anywhere?

Each marathon and ultra race has a travel/accommodation page.

What trainer’s should I wear for the event?

Running one’s. (The terrain and weather will dictate which type, its personal preference).

Can I have a support crew?


I can’t make registration, can I register at ………….. time, and at …………….. location?

No. Registration takes place at registration.

Your event rules state I have to have ran a marathon / ultra marathon in such and such time, and such and such distance. I’ve completed such and such, does this count?

If you completed the event you state within the time allowed by the event rules, then yes, this counts.

If I have GPS unit/GPS watch do I need to fetch a map?

Yes you must still the fetch the map(s) as listed in the mandatory kit list.

Are you, or do you organise recce runs on events?

Unfortunately we do not have the time to do such things, although we would like to. If we are ever heading onto part of the courses we will post it on social media. However a recce of the course or event is always recommended, and is always the runners responsibility to do so.