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At the UK's most inclusive Trail Running Club! Team TORC!

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Welcome! To the Trail Outlaws Running Club.

Our mission is to bring Trail Running to everyone! To share information, training, knowledge and the joy of trail running. It's all about applying the right level of TORC!

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Membership Benefits

Belong to a community

One of the main objectives of team TORC is to create a Trail Running community free of politics and divisions. Where everyone is welcome no matter what your ability or goals for your own running. We want everyone to feel part of this community.

Inclusive to all

We want everyone to get involved with Trail Running and learn about the benefits of running off road. Nearly all runners can benefit from running on trails!

Structured Training

Access to online training programs, and external coaches to help develop your running skills and achieve your running goals.

Coaching Qualifications

We hope to be able to fund peope through a coaching programs. Funded via subscriptions and merchandise sales.

Virtual Challenges

For those that can't make Trail Outlaws races in your area, or prefer to try a private challenge. We will be setting up a series of Virtual Challenges for you to complete.

Recce Runs for Members

There will be exclusive recce runs for club members acccross the North East and in various parts of the country.

Club Content & Merchandise

Exclusive access to training materials, training videos, a private Facebook group and club merchandise.

Athletics Affiliation

All members will be covered by the Association of Running Clubs(ARC). Which provides cover for when we run training sessions and recce runs.

Special Discounts

We will be arranging discounts for members with related services, equipment and merchandise. Plus, ARC membership provides a £2 discount race entries for any races licensed via ARC. Which include Trail Outlaws races, Hardmoors races, amongst many others.


Virtual Challenges

Club members get exclusive access to access to take part in virtual challenges ranging from distance to challenges to monthly mileage challenges. Entry to these challenges is free to club members. For anyone that confirms their challenge time, we will also publish results and leagues for virtual challenges for those that want to gauge their performance against other members.

All distance challenges can be completed in multiple runs, you just need to add your total time together if you wish to submit your time.

Virtual Distance Challenges

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Virtual Monthly Mileage Challenges

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From 50K to 150KM! Sign Up Now