Urban Trail League Rules



The Urban Trail Leage was retired in 2016. The Trail Outlaws Urban Trail League are four challenging, scenic and we believe beautiful trail races that are set in or very close to major urban developments. The races are aimed at everyone that is looking to try something different . Do you get bored running on tarmac or on a treadmill? So do we! You might not set a PB on some of these courses, but you will enjoy these off road challenges and training to run on them will help make you a better runner.

There is also an added incentive for those runners that would like to compete in these races. £1 from every race finisher goes towards the league prize fund.

Races in the league

There will be four races in the league. To be counted in the final standings teams/runners must have taken part in at least three of the four races. One of the four races must include the the Pieces Eight of HM. The races within the series are listed below:-

Race 1: Washington Trail 10K - Date: 08/05/2016

Race 2: Fulwell Quarry Trail 10K - Date: 29/05/2016

Race 3: Pieces of 8 10K at Penshaw - Date: 12/06/2016

Race 4: Pieces of 8 HM at Penshaw - Date: 25/09/2016


  • Scores are calculated by adding your finishing places together. So the lowest score will win.
  • Age categories are based on the age of the runner on the day of the race.
  • Placings for men and women are calculated separately.
  • Individuals must have entered at least 3 races(one of which must be the Pieces of Eight HM) to be included in the league.
  • Your two best finishing 10k places will be counted.
  • For runners that enter all 4 races then a 5 point bonus will be applied.
  • £1 from every race finisher will go towards the league fund.


  • There are prizes for the following categories
    • Male,Female,MV40,FV40,MV50,FV50,MV60,FV60,MV70+,FV70+
  • A runner's veteran age class eligibility is dependent on their age on the day of the race (if a runner changes age class part-way through the League, only those races on or after their birthday will count in the individual competition for the older age class but all that year's races may count for the younger age class.


  • Following consultations with other runners, we decided that the teams element added to many extra issues with how the teams would be composed, changing people in the teams and who within the team would get any prize money. So to make life simple we put all the prize money towards the Individual categories.

Some points examples.

  • For a runner that enters 3 races and finishes 10th,15th and 10th, would have a points total of 35.
  • For a runner that enters 4 races and finishes 5th,10th,10th and 15th, would have a points total of 25, as they get -5 points bonus from entering all four races.