Sandstone Way North - Checkpoints

Checkpoint List

Please click on the links to see the checkpoint on a map view. All aid stations carry as a minimum of water, coke, sweet snacks and fruit. Hot drinks are available at Wooler and Rothbury.

Drop Bags

One drop bags will be allowed at Wooler.

Please keep the drop bags to a reasonable size. (A carrier bag size at most). Don't put too much food and drink in there as many people, end up not using most of what they put in their drop bags. Drop bags MUST be clearly labeled, write on your name/number and drop bag location.

Drop bags are not returned or taken to the finish if unused. So please do not put anything in that you would want back!

Finish Bag

We can also take items taken to the start back to finish ie keys, wallets, warm clothes. These should be put in a bag labeled finish and also have your name on the bag. Again please remember that space is limited, so only fetch essential items to the start with you.

Course Map